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 I.S.B Diplomacy

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PostSubject: I.S.B Diplomacy   I.S.B Diplomacy I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 2:49 am


We do not believe that the I.S.B should have allies at this time. Organized crime hides everywhere. We are in the shadows, and when we get the evidence...BOOM!


Request if you wish, and we will consider it.


I.S.B Diplomacy Bbb - BBB
I.S.B Diplomacy Raptors - Raptors
[img]- Orion
I.S.B Diplomacy 000007 - AoF [A]
I.S.B Diplomacy 000007 - AoF [T]
I.S.B Diplomacy 000064cj7 - Dacia
Saints Clan
I.S.B Diplomacy Esftag2ey1ie9jp6 - ESF
I.S.B Diplomacy Minilogo - New Order


I.S.B Diplomacy Clanbloodgz9 - Reavers
I.S.B Diplomacy Finalsa4 - 666
I.S.B Diplomacy EU - EU
I.S.B Diplomacy Bbdlogobackg1nfinishedbzj1 - BBD
I.S.B Diplomacy Synd - Syndicate
I.S.B Diplomacy Black_legion_480 - Black_Legion
I.S.B Diplomacy 4s - 4S

Hostile / War

We do not declare war as it does not fit our RP. Thats the navy's job.

We're making a list
We're checking it twice
We're gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
The I.S.B. is town.
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I.S.B Diplomacy
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