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 I.S.B Command Team Roles

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PostSubject: I.S.B Command Team Roles   I.S.B Command Team Roles I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 3:12 am

Command Team

Runs the Core - makes sure that the cores operations are completed and makes sure all actions taken by the Task Force are lawful and have got the evidence to back the raids. The task Force need written permission by the Director to commence there role.

ISB Spokeman
Deals with Announcing the Most Wanted List, the clans diplomatic actions ( which there are not to be many of!) and makes speechs to the public on operations that the ISB have striked on and stopped.

ISB Core Operations Cheif Looks after all the mainframe rep sheets and makes sure most are up to date. (not as boring a job as u think. he does not actually write the reps, just looks after them once there in the mainframe.)

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major is the highest [TF] rank possible to gain and he ( the rank only contaisn 1 member at a time) is incharge of the whole Task Force itself. seeing that everyone is equiped as should be, seeing that the operatiosn go ahead on time and making sure he has the resources to keep ontop of the trouble caused by organised crime. He receives the forum permissions of a senior member of staff of 'The Core' but does not have the ability to set targets as the other staff within 'The Core' do.

He plays a Vital role making sure that the Task Force units are operational and has the ability to recruit new members as and when he wishes. Although there has to be a post on the forums with application details filled in and becuase he is not the head of the I.S.B the member he recruits must sit through the Recruit phase.

All members of this team can recruit staff but the Sergeant Major has to run his recruits through the Recruit rank.

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I.S.B Command Team Roles
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