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 Why Join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau?

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PostSubject: Why Join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau?   Why Join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau? I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 5:48 am

Why Join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau?

We do many things that separate us from the crowd of other "good" clans on the Void. Most navy clans are content to sit in Sparta pvping, maybe attacking any rogue, pirate, or evil player that flies least most of the time. As for us, we do things a little differently.

The one thing that separates us the most is our focus on roleplay. Our primary goal as a clan is to prove that even though the players most active in RP on the Void tend to choose "evil" clans or wear rogue and pirate tags, the "navy" players are equally capable of adding to the RP element of the server.

Our roleplay itself is definitely an interesting one. Even though we do get involved somewhat in day-to-day police actions like scanning traders for contraband, we're first and foremost a spy agency. Members are charged with keeping a lookout for any criminal actions occurring in Sirius (anything from smuggling to mass murder) and reporting it to "The Core." We use this information to keep records on suspects and known criminals, and store them in a hidden section of our forums called "The Mainframe." (Yes, we really do have one. Stick with the clan for long enough, and you might see it!) Once enough data on a suspect has been compiled, we issue an arrest warrant - or maybe even assassination orders - and then the Task Force will deal with the target accordingly.

Arrests, assassinations, and intelligence-gathering can definitely be a lot of fun, but it doesn't end there. If you've seen our Portal, you'd know that the ISB claims to be a "corrupt" clan. What does that mean for our RP? Well, it can appear in a number of ways. If you catch a trader with contraband, you are allowed (even encouraged!) to suggest that in exchange for a small fee, you'll be willing to look the other way. Of course, if the trader drops the cargo, or if you choose to shoot him down because he doesn't, you can always tractor in the loot and sell it for a profit. And if someone from an evil (or good) clan is willing to send some money your way in exchange for a "small favor," then...yeah. Feel free to make yourself some credits.

This element of "corruption" also serves to make the ISB unique because, while we expect all of our members to follow our basic RP guidelines, all corruption is one-hundred percent optional. There's nothing stopping you from being the "good copper" in a den of corruption. As a result, we can easily accommodate both "good" and "evil" leaning players under the same roof. In a way, this replicates the environment of a real intelligence agency - there are those that join from a patriotic desire to serve their country, but there are also moles, double-agents, and profiteers who join for far different reasons.

We also offer a large but streamlined ranking structure were members have the opportunity, if they are willing to work for it, to gain higher ranks and more responsibility. Everyone starts as a recruit, then moves into the Task Force, which both gathers intelligence and carries out clan operations. From there, you can be promoted to the "Core," made up of field agents and the clan leadership. The duty of the Core is to analyze incoming intelligence and assign operations to Agents and Task Force members accordingly.

Our ranking system is based more on a player's RP skills and commitment to the clan rather than pvp prowess - but it's not tough to move up. If you do a few of our missions and send in enough intelligence about any crime you have observed, you'll see your rank rise in no time. The higher your rank, the more of a stake in the day-to-day RP of the clan you'll have - once you get far enough, you'll be able to add records to the "Mainframe," post Arrest Warrants on your own, and suggest Task Force operations.

Sure, our RP's an interesting one, but that's not the only reason to join a clan. At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of laid-back, fun-loving players who enjoy a good laugh as much as we enjoy a good RP. We'd love to welcome you into our family, but if we're not the clan for you, then no worries. There are lots of other great ones out there to choose from - pick the one that you think best fits you.

But if you decide that you do want to join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau after this huge wall of text, then just click here to fill in our Application Form.

Good luck, and see you in space!

- Warcow (Current ISB Director)
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Why Join the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau?
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