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 Crime Listings

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PostSubject: Crime Listings   Crime Listings I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 6:20 am

Player Crime listing

These are the crimes that you can be arrested for by the I.S.B.

- Mass Murder
- Assaulting an ISB Agent
- Assaulting a Navy Operative
- Resisting Arrest
- Forming of an Illegal Organization
- Forming of a Terrorist Organization
- Supplying Illegal Arms
- Purchasing Illegal Arms
- Threatening National Security
- Murder
- Assassination of a Public Official
- Escaping from Prison
- Aiding in a Mass Escape From Prison
- Attacking and Murdering Agents
- Damage to State Property
- Joining an Illegal Organization
- Damage to Civilian Property
- Illegal Gambling
- Smuggling of a Class A substance
- Recruiting Pilots for Illegal Activities
- Spying on State Security Officials
- Trafficking of Contraband

It's not a 100% definitive list...this is just to give outside players a general idea of what we'll be looking out for, and give our own pilots a general idea of what to report to the Core.
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Crime Listings
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