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 RP Story - I.S.B Formation

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RP Story - I.S.B Formation Empty
PostSubject: RP Story - I.S.B Formation   RP Story - I.S.B Formation I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 21, 2008 10:39 am

A new evil had appeared in Sirius as the fists of organized crime had grasped the systems, one at a time.
Organized crime within the 4 main states of Sirius was under the careful eye of the local law enforcement agencies and each was provided with a large financial boost in order to shut down the threat of large illegal operations. Strikes were made on over 500 bases of operations over Sirius and over 5000 arrests were made within the first month.

The swift action of the 4 house states caused a large majority of the organized crime lords to leave for the border worlds and to move to the newly formed state of Europa. The security forces of Europa were ineffective and made very little impact on stopping of the organized crime rings within its territory. In a desperate attempt to prevent crime from reaching the borders of Rheinland, the Rhineland government sent cruisers and battleships for the Europans to use to fend off any criminals in the system of Alexandria.

The Europans still failed to leave a dent in the wave of criminals, and even bigger threats were appearing within the states in the form of terrorism. Groups were appearing all over Sirius with one common goal, to force Sirius into a state run by criminals!

A new and elite task team was organized that would have the ability to enforce law anywhere they seen fit to go beyond the borders of Sirius to stop the threats of these organizations. They are known as the Inter-Galactic Security Bureau (ISB).

Unfortunately, in the short time since its creation, the Bureau has fallen victim to corruption, resorting to brutal tactics such as assassination to achieve its ends. ISB operatives have been known to accept bribes from criminal organizations in exchange for carte blanche to pursue their own objectives. At the same time, the corrupt agency uses its immense intelligence-gathering capabilities to blackmail key government officials into keeping a steady stream of funding flowing into the Bureau. The ISB's unpredictability and vast resources make them a deadly foe indeed.
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RP Story - I.S.B Formation
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