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 I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma

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I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma Empty
PostSubject: I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma   I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 5:10 am


Today on Sirius News Service an offical of the Inter Galactic Security Bureau realsied a statement:

Today in the system of Omicron Gamma Fedral Agents accompanyed by a Task Force team bust into a known organised crime complex within the system and found an illegal gathering of men beleived to be on the transport line for helping in an organised crime ring known as The Black legion. We beleive that this illegal organisation has been planning to use this men as soilders in an act to overthrow the goverments of sirius and so it is our satisfying proud duty to announce that the systems of sirius are alittle safer now.

It is belevied that our forces were intercepted by a group of Nomad pilots on the route towards the Alexandria State prisions but forunately they were no match for our speacilized Task Force. investigations are now under way to if these forces are working together.

The suspects have been placed in the prisons and await the death penalty. they are changed with:

Resisting Arrest
Causing a threat to National Security
Joining of illegal organisation
Recruiting members for illegal activates

They will be trialed and executed tommorow at noon. TS have handed the prisoners over to state security enforcement and have stood down after a job well done.

Inter Galactic Security Bureau Director

The I.S.B supplyed us with this intel photo of the suspected complex.
I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma Screen21pc0

We're making a list
We're checking it twice
We're gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
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I.S.B - Raid on unknown Location - Omicron Gamma
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