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 Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre

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Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre Empty
PostSubject: Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre   Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 28, 2009 6:03 pm

Inter Galactic Security Bureau Arrest Warrant

Date of Starting : 1/18/08
Date of Removal:

Crimes Against the States
Resisting arrest
Murder of ISB officials

I.S.B Command Provides permission for its Agents & Task Force members to Arrest DrkSabre For his crimes against the states of Liberty, Rheinland, Kusari, Bretonia & Europa. We supply them with the intelligence stored in 'The Core' to bring the criminals that we have named to justice.

All decisions taken by the I.S.B Task Force & Agents during the pursuit and arrest of these criminals should be considered decisions made in the heat of the moment. Any grievances should be submitted through the proper channels.

Agents are authorized to use any means necessary to arrest the target.
(NOTE: Only the character username mentioned is classed as the target. )

A member of the I.S.B. staff higher than the rank of Private must be present in making an arrest, and a member of staff with the rank of sergeant or higher must be present to order an execution.

Signed :
Inter-Galactic Security Bureau Director Carter Warren

We're making a list.
We're checking it twice.
We're gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
The I.S.B. is town.

Be smart, citizens of Sirius. Remember, the I.S.B. is watching.
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[-CDF-]Captain McViper

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Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre Empty
PostSubject: Re: Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre   Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 6:30 am

new target On McViper's Warrants table : BLG DrkSabre

i was flying with my Dreadnought on EFZ to patrol and get some rest after i was tired by my Battleship's Big Probs . But BLg DrkSabre wanted really to die , so i did what he wanted Basketball lol!

Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre

Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre

Will see ya next time !

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Arrest Warrant - [Black_Legion]DrkSabre
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