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 Players under watch or that have been Raided - Rep Sheet Example

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Players under watch or that have been Raided - Rep Sheet Example Empty
PostSubject: Players under watch or that have been Raided - Rep Sheet Example   Players under watch or that have been Raided - Rep Sheet Example I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 2:17 am

The Inter Galactic Security Bureau has its head office 'The Core' placed incharge of a mainframe of rep sheets for the criminals of Sirius. is is constantly being updated and raids are constantly being arrannged on the targets.

Criminals found on these rep sheets are put under survellence by Agents of the I.S.B and are raided by the Task Force when the arrest warrant is signed by the Director.

Rep sheets contain the following information to stick to the basic RP and not to be stalking the players in a use of the Rep sheets to record there swaping of characters to encourage flameing on site, some players dont want there other user identitys getting out and so these are only accessable by high level members and will not be realised unless for RP.

An example of a rep sheet since i already showed this one to its owner as a fact to see what he thought.

Name: Maverick

Clan: Reavers Risk: HIGH
Ship: Unknown Clan Position: Co Leader



Beleived to be a nutcase who blasts anyone for pleasure. Has a group of thugs at his command and a nutcase with power can never be a good thing.

Forming of an illegal organisation
Escaping from prison
Aiding in a mass escape from prision
Forming an illegal terrorist group
Attacking and murdering Agents
Damage to State property
Mass Murder

Offical Orders Against suspect
Shoot to KILL

As you can see there are alot of diffrent crimes that will be posted later that can fit into this and we can also build on it to encourage RP. If a player has a rep sheet, leaves an evil clan and joins a Navy or goodie clan this rep sheet still stands for 1 more kill. The suspect is either expected to be handed over to be judged 1 last time before the record is placed on freeze as it were as we dont delete records.

We're making a list
We're checking it twice
We're gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
The I.S.B. is town.
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Players under watch or that have been Raided - Rep Sheet Example
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